Dancing Cloud and the Dragon Kite

Dancing Cloud lived in a valley.

The villagers used the strong winds to carry their large kites high into the air.

Dancing Cloud wanted a kite.

She made a frame from twigs and covered it with a paper dry leaves.

Dancing Cloud tied some twine to her kite.

When she flew it in the strong wind the twine broke.

Her kite was carried high into the air.

Up and up it went, amongst the large kites being flown by the villagers.

Dancing Cloud ran up the mountain after her kite.

A strange boy had caught her kite.

His name of was Silver Sky.

Silver Sky had a kite that rode on the wind like a chariot.

He pointed to the dragon kite resting on some rocks above them.

Dancing Cloud asked if she could ride in it.

Silver Sky said yes.

When he gently tugged its rein, the kite floated into the air.

Up and up they flew.

Soon the land below them looked like a patchwork quilt.

Silver Sky tugged on the rein and sent the dragon kite down.

It skimmed the sea and waves of white horses.

Then they flew high above the clouds.

The dragon kite came to a golden gateway.

Silver Sky and Dancing Cloud entered the kingdom of the sky gods.

They flew into a palace.

The god of the clouds was sitting on his throne.

The sky god pointed to Dancing Cloud.

She was too heavy for his airy kingdom.

Dancing Cloud felt herself falling.

Eventually her feet touched the ground.

Dancing Cloud was happy.

She did not want to spend the rest of her life floating in the clouds.

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