The Sorcererís Apprentice

The old sorcerer went out and left his apprentice in charge.

The apprentice believed that that she could cast spells as well and summoned up some spirits.

She told the old broom to grow a head and two legs.

The bath needed to be filled.

The apprentice told the broom to pick up the bucket.

The broom ran faster and faster, carrying water from the river.

The bath was soon overflowing.

But the apprentice could not remember the spell to make the broom stop.

Then the broom started to change.

The apprentice imagined that it had changed into a demon.

Terrified, she ran at it with a sharp axe.

With one stroke, the apprentice split the broom in two.

Both parts became separate brooms, fetching water.

Soon the place was flooded.

The old sorcerer returned.

He cast the spell to restore the broom.

The water was sent flowing back to the river.

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