Fiction by

Jonathan Day


Short Stories

Crimes, Cults and Curious Cats

Beware tin cats offering invitations, psychopathic chemists with a turret full of collectable porcelain, priests pursuing satanic cults, and evil entities living in windmills. Better to listen to the green spirit peering over your shoulder, the ghost of a young man with no heart, and Victorian palaeontologist who has unearthed the face of God.


Short Stories, Found Online

Aspirations and desires that were once out of reach are now available with a brief word search. Feeling the weight of the world? Float above it in a Body Balloon. Need an angel to rescue you from the Purgatory of an offspring? The dog with the smiley face will show you how. Or just want to crochet a different dimension? Click "pay now" and change your life.


Tell the Octopus

and Other Short Stories

People aspire to make the world a better place in many ways. Some decorate any ugly space that offends the eye, another might take up justice's flaming sword and sally forth to tilt at windmills. All good intentions come at a cost. Some are rewarded, others demand the ultimate price.


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