Barnaby’s Blunder

Barnaby Bell was interested in everything.

He made the lens for a telescope so he could look at the stars and planets.

One night Barnaby saw a huge fireball fall from the sky onto the village green.

All the villagers ran away to hide in the wood.

Barnaby told them that there was nothing to be afraid of.

There was bound to be a very simple explanation.

A farmer handed a shovel to Barnaby.

He told him that, as he was not afraid, he should dig it up.

Barnaby went to where the fireball had landed.

He started to dig.

A large glowing dome pushed up through the ground.

The dome became larger.

Then a bright crack appeared in its surface.

Two strange creatures stepped from the dome.

'Hello,' they said.

Barnaby was terrified and plunged into the nearest haystack.

The two aliens were puzzled and went back to their spaceship.

They took off and returned to outer space.

Everyone found it very funny, except Barnaby Bell.

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