The Grunnick

The Grunnick lived in the middle of a large wood.

The animals brought him food and other gifts because they believed he could switch off the sun.

The Grunnick dressed himself in fine clothes and precious jewels.

One day he decided to crown himself king of the wood.

He summoned the animals.

The Grunnick ordered the animals to bring him the richest clothes and jewels they could find.

The animals were afraid the Grunnick would switch off the sun if they did not obey.

They dashed away into the towns and castles.

The birds swooped down and snatched the cloak from a nobleman walking on his castle's battlements.

The brown rat crept into the chamber of a princess and ran off with her rings and bracelets.

In the market, ribbons fluttered from a peddler’s tray.

The hedgehog caught them on her spines and carried them off.

A procession stopped so a queen could smell some blossom.

As she stepped from her carriage, the stag snatched her crown up on his antler and bounded away.

In the procession was a cage on the back of a mule.

The hind lifted its latch.

The monkey inside the cage leapt out and clung to her neck as she darted away.

When the Grunnick saw the monkey he decided it would be his page.

The monkey helped dress the Grunnick in the clothes and jewels the animals had collected.

The crown would not go on.

Stopping it was a small ring behind the Grunnick's ear.

The page pulled at the ring and out came a plug.

Air gushed from the hole and the Grunnick deflated.

There was nothing left of the Grunnick but a heap of clothes.

How would the sun rise without the Grunnick?

The animals trembled in fear all through the night.

But, in the morning, the bright rays of the sun once again poured into the wood.

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